What We Do.

Our strategic communications processes are written to drive your business objectives. To gain share. To keep it. We are a fully integrated communications firm.







Our process:
We call it Humanology.

We get into your trench. Or on your cloud. Like your lawyer, or your shrink.

We boil it down. Peel the onion. Pass the Kleenex.

If your message isn't human and identifiable, it won’t sell.

We make it so. Reach your market. Get on the map. Launch.

Our story


Our founder Jeff Johnston grew up along the bayous in Louisiana. He cut his marketing teeth as protégé to New York’s most decorated advertising legend before breaking out on his own. He is a member of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. His partner, Jon DiGesu, was a long-time client as a marketing executive for brands like Siemens, Unilever and Sylvania.

For years our firm was headquartered in New York before Jeff decided to return to his southern roots. Jon, a lover of snow and lobster, stayed in the northeast. Today they run 800 Meters Brand Communications together out of two offices in New Orleans and Boston as a strategic communications company focused on market share acquisition for their clients.

About the name…the 800 Meters is a long, strategic sprint that requires stamina, brains, and strength. Jeff ran it as an athlete in college. Our firm runs it every day for our clients.

Our experiences

We’ve been around the block. More than once. Financial services, lighting, B2B, consumer, life sciences, tourism, gaming, retail. We build brands.


We've won a bunch. Bragging rights? Maybe. We'd rather look at it this way: If the work was good, it probably worked for our clients. Ultimately that's why we do what we do.

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